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Obtain volatile skin and hair treatment through Ayurveda- know more!!

Skin and hair problems are very common in middle-aged women around the age of 30 to 50 and keeps worsening with age. Chemical products however effective sometimes lead to uncalled for circumstances like increased hair fall or skin pigmentation. The results of the chemical products stay for a short duration. To have an effective and more powerful result, one is required to work on the therapies which attack the root cause, instead of simply curing the external side. Ayurvedic Panchakarma has that power to cure and prevent various skin and hair related problems.  

Ayurveda comprises of a total eight techniques for therapy: general medicine, pediatrics, surgical techniques, ailments relating to the ENT, psychoanalytical, toxicological, rejuvenating, and aphrodisiacs. Hence, Ayurvedic therapies can cover your entire body. 

The ayurvedic treatments relating to skin and hair issues are vast 

The different techniques required for skin and hair treatment through Ayurveda & Panchakarma can be stated as:

ayurvedic treatment for acne in gurgaon

Turmeric, Neem leaves, and Tulsi leaves are an essential anti-bacterial that can be used as an ayurvedic remedy to prevent infections and breakouts of pimples. Their healing properties can embellish pimples and acne almost naturally. Apart from this, Gooseberry, honey, lemon, white gourd, and papaya can be used

ayurvedic treatment for eczema in gurgaon

Aloe Vera gel has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, wound-healing properties that can boost the immune system. Essentially caused due to faulty diet, this disease can also be cured by consuming a preparation of the Pitta Dosa which further contains essential herbs and nutrient value. Apart from this, oatmeal, apple cider vinegar, coconut oils, and honey can be helpful.

ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis in gurgaon

Panchakarma therapy is a renowned Ayurvedic therapy against psoriasis. It involves the consumption of medical ghee followed by a purge of vomiting, dripping of buttermilk on the patient's head, covering the body with a paste of mud and essential herbs followed by performing medicated edemas.

ayurvedic treatment for urticaria in gurgaon

Among the Ayurvedic treatments are consuming a paste of neem leaves with Aloe Vera pulp, consuming turmeric with milk or water several times in a day, massaging mustard oil on the skin with lukewarm water, consuming black pepper with ghee every morning in empty stomach.

ayurveda treatment for Lichen Planus Gurgaon

Its looks like purplish, itchy, flat-topped bumps which is anti-inflammatory skin disease. Turmeric is the best option to heal the infection. If we talk about the Ayurveda treatment, combination of shodhan and shaman chikitsa, nidanparivarjan, kushthahara dravyprayog are useful.

ayurvedic treatment for itching in gurgaon

Essential Ayurvedic remedy towards itching include wet wrapping to rehydrate and soothe skin, applying menthol, and application of a paste of colloidal oatmeal, to state a few.

ayurvedic treatment for scabies in gurgaon

Essential tea tree oil can alleviate itchiness. Aloe Vera contains soothing effects and heals the skin, this can be used with a paste of Neem leaves. Clove oil is another efficient Ayurvedic remedy towards Scabies. Apart from this, turmeric and zinc can be helpful.

ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo in gurgaon

Inclusion of food rich in Vitamin C in diet, ensuring adequate hydration, avoiding intake of any kind of sour of junk food, and inclusion of Neem leaves in the diet are certain home remedies. Furthermore, melanocytes and turmeric can also be helpful.

ayurvedic treatment for dandruff in gurgaon

Among the Ayurvedic therapies are the application of coconut oil with camphor, lemon, olive oil, almond oil, sandalwood oil, gooseberry paste, and Aloe Vera gel. Applying eggs can also enrich protein and subdue the growth of dandruff.

ayurvedic treatment for hairfall in gurgaon

Increase in the intake of less spicy protein-rich food, the inclusion of citrus foods in the diet, consumption of neem leaves and essential herbs, regular application of herbal and nutrient-rich oils are certain essential Ayurvedic remedies to hair fall and hair loss. Apart from this gooseberry juice can be very helpful.

Ayurvedic & Panchakarma Treatment for Skin & Hairs in Gurgaon

ayurvedic skin clinic in gurgaon

Dermatology Treatments aimed at curing skin disorders emphasizing complete detoxification of the body and thus normalize the three doshas. We at Nirogstreet aimed at treating skin problems by eliminating the root cause through Panchakarma procedures. Virechanam is the primary treatment for skin disorders. Although medicines are necessary throughout the treatment program, Panchakarma procedures expel the accumulated toxins and re-balance the doshas.

Nothing is better than to adopt a better lifestyle. Hectic and stressful life has somehow affected human life adversely. Apart from that, pollution and other unhygienic factors are responsible for skin problems and hair fall & loss problems. Meet the Ayurvedic Dermatologist in Gurgaon to cure the skin and hair problems of the root. Panchakarma and Ayurveda offer a base to treat the problem internally. Only herbal products are used to cleanse the skin and remove the skin unhygienic factors. To stop the hair fall and hair loss problems, various herbal oil and Ayurveda techniques are available. Do not face the problem of baldness, consult Nirog Street Ayurveda Clinic in Gurgaon. 

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