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What is Piles?

Pies are the swollen veins in the anal region or lower rectum which is also called Hemorrhoids or bawaseer. These are the varicose veins which lead to pain and discomfort while sitting and walking.

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What are the types of Piles?

Generally, Human may have internal piles or external piles. As the name suggests, Internal Piles is developed inside the rectum which is not visible outside whereas external Piles is developed around the anus which is visible outside. Both conditions are painful.
It is not advisable the rub the anal area in case of piles as it may worsen the situation. External piles may cause pain whereas internal piles can cause bleeding which can be seen in stools and in toilet paper while cleaning. 3 out of 4 adults can be seen having the piles problem, the type may vary according to the lifestyle.

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What are the symptoms of Piles

Be it external piles or internal piles, the symptoms vary from human to human. Some of the common symptoms mentioned as under:-

  • Visible lumps outside the anus
  • pain and discomfort all the time
  • itching, burning sensation, and irritation
  • Swelling veins around the anus
  • redness, rashes
  • Bleeding

Consult the Ayurvedic doctor to find the right treatment of Piles in Gurgaon.

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What are the causes of Piles?

The causes of Piles can vary from person to person, but surely the major reason is the lifestyle we have. Find below the common and possible reasons related to Piles which are:-

  • Straining too much while making bowel movements
  • Constipation and Diarrhoea
  • Sitting in the toilet for long hours while using mobiles and reading newspapers
  • Exercising too much
  • Lifting heavy weighs
  • Obesity or weight gain
  • Pregnancy or normal delivery
  • Aging
  • Weakening or supporting tissues of anus or rectum
  • Unhealthy lifestyle or consuming junk foods
  • Lack of healthy supplements and fiber diets.
  • Anal intercourse

How to Diagnose Piles/Hemorrhoids

Some of the steps to diagnose the piles' problems are

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Physical Examination

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Digital rectal Examination

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Rigid Proctosigmoidoscopy

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Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

A doctor may ask for the lifestyle habits & medical history while diagnosing the piles problems

What are the Grades of Piles/Hemorrhoids

Grade I

Anal Cushion Bleed, Do not Prolapse

Grade II

Anal Cushion Prolapse, Reduce Spontaneously

Grade III

Anal Cushion Prolapse, Require Manual Replacement Into Anal Canal

Grade IV

Prolapse Stays Out All the times

What are the Complications Involved?

If the piles are not treated or ignored, it may get worse and may create some complications which are

Hemorrhoids treatment in gurgaon Anemia
lack go healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen to cells
top piles specialist in gurgaon Strangulated Piles
when no blood supply to internal hemorrhoid
conservative management of piles in gurgaon Blood Clot 

How to Prevent Piles?

Prevention is better than cure. Here we are mentioning some of the tips which may keep our stool softer to pass easily. Follow the simple preventive tips for Piles

Improve Your diets by intaking high fiber foods, vegetables, and whole grains.
Drink plenty of fluids in terms of Water, juices and healthy drinks. say no to Alcohol
Quit Smoking and drugs
Add fiber supplements if you are unable to have natural fiber diets. but make sure to have plenty of water to avoid constipation problem.
Avoid straining too much while making bowel movements. Go to the pee if you have the urge
Do not sit in the toilet for long hours
Stay Physically active, yet avoid heat lifting and exercising too much

Healthy Lifestyle is the Only way to Prevent Piles Problems.

What are the Treatments Available to Cure Piles?
Home Remedies

Consume rich Fiber diets

Drink plenty of fluids

Use topical treatments

Take a Sitz bath

Take Oral pain relievers in case of pain

Do not sit in the toilet for long hours


Depending upon the severity of piles problems, the treatments can be offered through medicine. Although this will bring a temporary effect.

Surgical & Non-Surgical Treatments

Laser Surgery

Stapler Hemorrhoidectomy

Open Hemorrhoidectomy

Plication, Rubber Band Ligation


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Kshar Sutra Treatment For Piles In Gurgaon

Treat Piles Effectively through Ayurveda & Kshar Sutra in Gurgaon

Kshar Sutra is an ayurvedic para-surgical treatment which is used to treat the various anal disorders. To treat the piles with Kshar Sutra treatment, anaesthesia is given and a malleable probe with the Kshar Sutra (surgical linen thread) is passed through the external opening of the anal. The lump of the piles is tied with the help and leave it for 1 week to let the lump dry. After a week, the lump got dried and eventually the tract cut by own. This is the easiest way to heal unhealthy tissue. People looking to get the Kshar Sutra treatment of piles in Gurgaon may contact the Nirog Ayurvedic Clinic and may consult the Kshar Sutra expert.