Treat Cervical or Slip Disc Pain Effectively through Ayurveda & Panchakarma in Gurgaon

Finding suitable solutions to cervical pain treatment through Ayurveda or Panchakarma!!

With age, one likely develops certain conditions of the bones that must be cured in order to prevent dis-balance of the body. On such condition can be counted to be slip disc. This is a very common condition, where a rubbery sort of disc is formed in between the bones in the spinal cord. In some cases, it can cause the bone to crack as well, thereby causing the exterior of the spinal cord to be too tough.  The condition is also called as cervical spondylosis or cervical pain. There are various ways in which this condition can be treated but with a recent diagnosis, an alternate solution has come up, which is turning to Ayurveda. 

For a long time, Ayurveda has helped in treating various chronic diseases and therefore, treating slip disc can be done too. Thus, let’s find out some of the possible treatments that can be done through Ayurveda or Panchakarma only at NirogStreet Ayurveda Clinic in Gurgaon.  

What does Ayurveda think to be the cause of slip discs?

The condition of the rubbery disc in the bone is considered to arise due to an imbalance in the body that is caused by the data element. This imbalance stops the natural balance of the body and prevents coordination of the other muscular movements too. It more or less affects the lower part of the body and therefore, cervical pain treatment through Ayurveda or panchakarma in Gurgaon solely addresses in curing the lower part, allowing better flexibility to develop. 

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How Can Ayurveda or Panchakarma help in treating slip discs?

Most of the ayurvedic treatment given comprises of herbal tablets, using natural oils and even going for some therapies. One must remember that the condition of having slip discs require to have surgery at some point in time. But by switching to panchakarma and Ayurveda treatments for cervical pain or slip disc pain in Gurgan, one gets to avoid the numbness and pain of surgery. Of all those who suffer from this issue quite a lot have to be switch to panchakarma way of getting healed, comprising of certain therapies that are termed as swedana and even sudation. It also uses medicated and other natural oils and resorts to massaging of the lower part, allowing the body to completely relax. In such a situation, the bones are able to heal naturally, as the oils have therapeutic properties in them. Even the nerves get soothed by using the oils and by adapting to this therapy. 

The best part of having this therapy is that all of the toxins that had accumulated in the body within the bones sort of gets removed. Even under the guidelines of the experts, slip disc takes about 4 to 5 months to be completely cured with Ayurveda. 

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How can Ayurveda be helpful in totally curing the condition of slip discs?

At times, it becomes quite heavy on part of the individual to control the condition of slip discs. Although surgery can improve the condition perfectly, one must totally watch out for its side effects. therefore, resorting to treating the condition with Ayurveda and panchakarma can make it all-natural, keeping all sorts of side effects at bay. Plus, the overall cost of the treatment is also very less. 

If anyone of you found the symptoms of neck and shoulder pain, should diagnose for the slip disc or cervical pain screening. Nirog Street Ayurveda Clinics offers a nonsurgical yet effective solution to cure the neck, shoulder pain through ayurvedic Panchakarma in Gurgaon which is directly associated with slip disc and cervical. Book your appointment today only and relax your muscles. 

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