How to cure back pain

Can Backpain be cured with the help of Lifestyle Changes?

One of the major reason for back pain is to sit all the time or lack of physical activities. People working in the IT industry for various fields have to perform sitting jobs. While working in front of the computer, sitting posture may go wrong which may create a health problem in the future. In fact, Severe back pain is caused by Wrong sitting posture, lack of physical activities, diet ignorance, lack of nutrients, consuming junk foods and alcohol, etc. Find out some of the Lifestyle changes which helps to reduce the back pain.


Lifestyle changes

  • Stop Smoking or taking tobacco in any form.
  • Shun sleeping on a soft mattress as it will not provide adequate support to the spine. If possible, sleep with your back aligned straight against the floor, with the spine touching the ground.
  • Use ergonomic chairs at your home as well as in your workplace. Your spine must make full contact with the chair when sitting. If not, make use of a pillow to support your back. Shuffle your position at intervals.
  • Massage your back often with medicated oils or sesame oil to stimulate circulation and boost flexibility. Oiling is also Vata-calming in nature so make sure that you oil your body with lukewarm sesame or mustard oil an hour earlier than taking a bath.
  • Stay warm to offset the cold qualities of Vata.
  • An Epsom salt bath might be relaxing and relieving for backache.
  • Posture is necessary for keeping spinal health. Poor posture as slouching or slumping may cause back pain. 


Practicing Yoga may go a long way in managing your pain as well. Consult a yoga therapist or teacher ahead of you start practicing any yoga posture. 

In the case of constant back pain, Panchakarma Treatment may be effective as it is an ayurvedic therapy which heals the internal nerves slowly and works to cure the root cause. Contact NirogStreet Ayurveda Clinic to avail Panchakarma treatment for back pain In Gurgaon.