Benefits of Kshara Sutra for Fistula

Benefits of Kshara Sutra in Fistula than Modern Surgery!

An anal fistula is an anorectal disorder for which various treatment methods are available. Certain conventional surgeries like Fistulotomy and Fistulectomy have been used but they are associated with several complications such as delayed healing and the risk of stenosis (unusual narrowing of the blood vessels or other tubular organs) etc.

Modern surgical techniques such as the ‘lay-open' method and ‘anorectal pathology' methods are also associated with similar complications like prolonged hospitalization, high rates of recurrence and anal incontinence, etc. As a result, there is no satisfactory surgical procedure available for this particular disease.

However, Ayurveda has given a unique method of treating anal fistula about 2000 years ago.All types of fistula respond well to the Ksharsutra ligation procedure.

The Ksharsutra is a form of medicated thread prepared by coating and recoating the thread 15 to 21 times with different medicines of plant origin. Ksharsutra does the job of cutting, curetting, draining, and cleaning the fistulous channel, and thus aid in the healing of the track/ wound. The various drugs used are Apamarg kshar, Kadali kshar, Arka kshar, Nimb kshar, Snuhi ksheer, Udumber ksheer and Papaiya ksheer.

Some natural antibiotic such as Haridra powder, Guggulu, are used to prepare various types of Ksharsutra. These Ksharsutra are passed through the track (generally under short anesthesia) and the two ends of the thread are tied making a loop.

The medicines coated on the thread are continuously released throughout the length of the tract by cutting, curetting, draining cleansing and healing the track After almost a week, the thread loosens because it has cut through some of the tissues and medicines coated on it is also removed. Now, A new thread is replaced in the track by a precise method.

The change of the threads is a simple OPD procedure that takes about 1 to 2 minutes without anesthesia. When at last the loop of thread comes out, the track is healed.

Benefits of Kshar Sutra over modern surgery techniques-

  • An out-patient treatment, the procedure is performed under short-acting anesthesia and sometimes even without anesthesia.
  • The most important benefit of Kshar Sutra therapy over conventional modern surgeries is that the muscles that support the anus and controls bowel movements are not dissected and therefore the chances of anal inconsistency are minimal.
  • The possibility of anal stenosis (narrowing of the anal canal after treatment) is almost nil.
  • No damage is done to Anal Sphincter.
  • Negligible chances of recurrence and bleeding.
  • There is no need for antibiotic coverage.
  • The patient can get back to routine life after 3-5 days of the surgery.
  • After-treatment recovery is speedy and without any complications.
  • The procedure generally does not require hospitalization.
  • Painless dressing.
  • The procedure leaves just a pencil scar at the affected area.

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